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Hi, I'm Kathy.

Coaching Intelligent, Ambitious, and Motivated women professionals, leaders, and business owners to courageously pursue self-defined holistic success!

About Me

I am an experienced bilingual (Mandarin/English) coach who has dedicated the last decade to supporting women leaders' growth and development. I hold a Professional Certified Coach certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). With over ten years of experience in marketing, I've worked with top-tier media and internet companies. During crucial phases of China's internet industry growth and development, I built teams from scratch, pioneered new territories, and effectively clarified business strategies to drive substantial market growth.

Additionally, in a non-business capacity, I am a certified parent educator. I provide one-on-one consultations and conduct workshops globally to help women strengthen family relationships.


I seamlessly integrate my experience in management, my background in parenting education, and my expertise as a professional coach to empower clients who are at crossroads and looking for a better way to live their lives. One that allows them to flourish, be true to themselves, and achieve success in both their professional and personal lives as they define it.

Currently, I collaborate with several leading coaching

platforms in the US and Europe, providing support to global

business leaders. I hold an MBA degree from Napier University Business School and a BA in Psychology.

When I'm not coaching, I enjoy reading, jogging, and photograpy. My proudest achievement is raising two confident, independent, and self-driven young women who are the founders of FatPotat.

My Coaching Philosophy 

My coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that every individual is capable and resourceful. We all have the power to embrace who we are, pursue what we want, make transformative changes in our lives, and become the best version of ourselves. My goal as a coach is to help my clients gain clarity of their values and aspirations, overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable outcomes in every domains of their lives. 

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